Pearl Barley with Roasted Vegetables...

This is really simple and very tasty, I'm sure there are loads of possibilities of what you could add to this. I just approached it as you would cous cous to make a warm salad or accompaniment to meat and was pretty pleased with the results.

• Wash the barley and boil for 30-40 minutes.
• Meanwhile, chop and roast slices of the pepper, courgette and onion until soft and slightly charred. Finely chop once roasted.
• Drain the barley and mix with the copped vegetable, finely chopped chilli, garlic then season.

• Great with barbecued meats, along with some green salad.


Ben Reay said...

pity there's a bar code on the pepper, but a good palette of colours


TR said...

Yeah I know it's a pity but the ingredients are just as they come.
Was nice to find yellow courgette in the grocer's as a change though!

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